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Star & Planets by Light Year

Planets within 0 to 10 Light Years
(20 Stars & 15 Planets)
Planets within 11 to 20 Light Years
(70 Stars & 36 Planets)
Planets within 21 to 30 Light Years
(38 Stars & 15 Planets)
Planets within 31 to 40 Light Years
(32 Stars & 28 Planets)
Planets within 41 to 50 Light Years
(57 Stars & 28 Planets)
Planets within 51 to 60 Light Years
(46 Stars & 21 Planets)
Planets within 61 to 70 Light Years
(17 Stars & 11 Planets)
Planets within 71 to 80 Light Years
(25 Stars & 6 Planets)
Planets within 81 to 90 Light Years
(17 Stars & 13 Planets)
Planets within 101 to 125 Light Years
(34 Stars & 27 Planets)
Planets within 126 to 150 Light Years
(56 Stars & 41 Planets)
Planets within 151 to 175 Light Years
(40 Stars & 23 Planets)
Planets within 176 to 200 Light Years
(23 Stars & 11 Planets)
Planets within 201 to 400 Light Years
(112 Stars & 45 Planets)
Planets within 401 to 600 Light Years
(102 Stars & 32 Planets)
Planets within 601 to 800 Light Years
(28 Stars & 20 Planets)

Space Exploration Companies and Organizations


Artist S Rendering Of The Approach To Mars
Photo Credit: SpaceX

Blue Origin

Photo Credit: Blue Origin
Virgin Galactic

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Mars Society

Photo Credit: Mars Society
Planetary Society

Photo Credit: Planetary Society

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The purpose of exploring space is to discover humanity's place in the universe.

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